Marooned on Malibu Island

I love London. It’s my home. But the one thing where New York wins, hands down, over London is the lack of judgement of fellow New Yorker's. No matter your creed, class, colour or cultural background, they're still happy to chat, make friends and generally watch each other’s back - for lack of a slightly less American term. 

Hold on a sec? This may seem like I'm rambling out of nowhere. So let me explain. Last weekend I was invited to a private event held at Roseland Ballroom with my friend Kiera who was unbelievably lucky to win tickets. Naturally an event of this nature did entail a little bit of queueing in order to guarantee a good spot and to make sure you actually got into the event. Rocking up a slight 2 hours before the doors opened, furs and Starbucks intact, to keep us motivated, we claimed our spot in the ever increasing line. 

So finally the doors were opened and we flooded in to see none other than… wait for it…. the one and only worlds sexist man, Adam Levine. Sigh, Swoon, Weak at the knees. Yeah you get the gist. I have always been a huge fan of Maroon 5, combine that with delicious cocktails by Malibu -all night long - and I was in my absolute element. Topped off with an instant Photo Booth by Bosco and yeah, I knew this was going to be a good'un. 

Now I don't want to bamboozle you with event photos as I always believe that it’s not quite the same to try and share your experiences with those who didn't attend the same event. But, then I thought wouldn't you want to see photos of the deliciously handsome Adam Levine. As you can imagine all the girls in the audience (obviously including me) were going nuts when he came on stage, but when he started prancing around0 Mick Jagger style the majority of us were crying - I managed to hold it together, oh but when he stared singing 'She Will Be Loved' acoustic, yeah well that was a different story.

An absolutely fantastic evening. And yes Adam, you truly deserve the title of People's Sexiest Man - just saying'.

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