First Snowfall

The first snowfall in New York. I literally couldn't be more excited. I know it make look as thought there is little almost no snow, but for a girl who comes from a country where even a light dusting shuts down entire train systems, well this is totally awesome. I couldn't be more thankful for my new super snugly Canada Goose jacket from Otte, literally the only thing that keeps me warm in these ridiculous temperatures. 

On the Subway this morning I was reading a wonderful book leant to me by a friend when I came across the most apt quote,

"…there is something nice about working in an office with a candle burning. It's like seeing snow falling outside the window or having a dog snoozing on the carpet beside you"

The super cosy comforts that just make you feel all warm inside. Feeling a little under the weather this weekend, just watching the snow fall outside the window whilst tucked under a blanket watching Christmas movies was just the perfect remedy. 


  1. Great coat! It looks stylish - and it'll keep you nice and warm with all that snow.

  2. you look amazing...

  3. Really dope jacket and I bet it is really warm, it's been so cold in New York lately that I don't even want to go outside

  4. Love the black on black! You look warm and fashionable. Awesome tee shirt!

  5. Ark snow in New York- I'm so jealous!!
    Awesome jacket

  6. ohh wow you look awesome! love the headpiece!!!

    Emma xx


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