Going for Gold

With the London 2012 Olympics behind us now, I feel a rather bit lost. As if there is this big void with nothing quite on par to fill it. All the camaraderie and the patriotism that us Brits showed over the summer has been truly admirable and made me feel so proud to be British. And with us winning all those medals and especially the 29 Gold's, I decided I wanted a medal of my own. However the sad fact of that is that I'm no sporting champ. No leggy high jumper nor super strong weightlifter, so I decided to purchase my own version of a gold medal. My new Kurt Geiger 'London Calling' Sneakers are my own little glimmer of gold. I am absolutely in love with them and despite not having them hang round my neck, my feet are shining like little champions. 

Took this photo of the Olympic Rings whilst walking over Waterloo Bridge. London 2012 you were an amazing games, and a huge well done to all of our athletes that did so incredibly well. 

You really did make your country proud!

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