Go Go Gadget

Lets just start by saying that I am a bit of a gadget geek.

iPhone, Macbook Pro, iPad... a self-confessed Apple product junkie. 

The new iPad 3 is absolutely fantastic and the clarity and resolution is just out of this world.

My only one issue was finding something suitable to put it in. 

I have been cradling my new iPad like a baby for the past few weeks, making sure I dont put it anywhere where it could get scratched, fall or even get slightly tarnished. But the decision between sleeve, clip on case, skin or cover was all getting a bit too much, and with way too many choices out there, it was making it far too hard to decide. 

Finally the day has come. My iPad is all suited and booted and I no longer have to treat it like a precious child. 

I thought the days of Juicy Couture were behind me, back when I was 14 with my matching velour tracksuits and Terry towling handbags, but this hardshell case from Shopbop was just love at first sight. No little dog emblem or crown in sight, just arty sketches of my favourite city in the world, New York. Light enough to still pick up and play Temple Run, with enough coverage to stop it from being scratched. 

But of course one case wasn't enough. The studded leather iPad case turned clutch from Kurt Geiger is perfect to just carry it in when I'm out and about and just big enough to fit my iPad in with its hardshell on too. And having mine studded to my own specific design requests at FNO just makes it that bit more fabulous. 

A quick shout out for my new Wonka Bar iPhone case from Red Bubble. I get a this wonderful feeling that I'm going to visit Willy Wonka's factory tomorrow with Grandpa Joe, every time I look at it lets hope that feeling never wears off
Despite taking over a month to arrive from all the way over the pond, I love it!

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