Fresher's Week

Fresher's Week is the first week of the academic year in which new students go to all sorts of welcome events, orientations and parties at their new university.

To the unsuspecting newbie fresher, this would most traditionally consist of a jolly time moving into their new halls with a whole load of housemates waiting to be best mates for about a week or so, putting up pictures of all their home friends and decorating their room, getting lost in the new city more than a couple of times, going 'out' 'out' to these "amazing" studenty clubs, and be completely daunted by the fact they have 3 or more years ahead of them at this new and huge place. 

Or in other words - and applicable to the more distinguished fresher -, the one week of the year where pretty much anything goes. All with very little recollection come the morning after the night before. The majority of these actions being totally unacceptable any other time of the year, but somehow, in fresher's week you seem to be able to get away with everything short of murder. 

Being a fourth year student, it almost felt that it was now a bit past my time to 'fresher it up' again. But once seeing my friends ready with bottles of Absolut and Tanqueray in hand - as a house warming gift of course - I knew it would be an eventful week. 

According to Urban DictionaryFresher's are known for their love of having a good time. And by George we do certainly know how to have a good time! From Call Lane to Fruity Friday, I don't think we quite saw light light of day. Going straight from cotch [ridiculously comfortable clothing only acceptable to be seen by others in a similar state of dress] to party wear, we really did 'fresher it up' big time!

Seeing as we were heading out on Call Lane with the 'grown-up's' I thought I'd dress up and put on a collar.

Emma decided to whip out the Disco Pants.

And they were put to good use with Emma really cracking out the dance moves. 

 The cocktails in Jake's Bar was absolutely smashing.

So we decided to get a few more.

 And headed onto another club absolutely loving life.

The following night we headed out to Fruity in the student union to see all the first years also loving life.

Smiles all round.

Especially when the VK's came out.

Followed by more.

And more.

Everyone was in their element when the cheese tunes started playing.

They're were highs.

And the then there were lows.

And even deeper lows.

But later that evening we were all back on it and ready to paint the town red.

Gotta love a bit of ROF.

Even in your favourite red sweater.

Snapbacks and studs akimbo.

With even a cheeky bit of dancing on the sofa's.

You've just gotta love fresher's week!

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