Shake Shack London

Have you heard the news?! Its all over town! My favourite burger bar has hit down in London town and has at last graced us with it's gourmet presence. 

Ever since hearing the news that Shake Shack was coming to London a few months back, it was instantly marked in my calendar and I have been counting down the days till the grand unveiling. After being a regular back in New York and craving the delectable Cheese Fries on a dangerously regular basis (click here to read the original post), I just had to see for myself if they were equally as good over the pond. 

Following a huge opening shin-dig on July 4th (a rather appropriate day to launch if you ask me), I decided to wait a couple of days in hope that the insatiable queue might die down before revisiting my American true-love in my own home town of London.
For some reason - unbeknown to me - word got around the queue that I was some what of a regular at this ol'burger bar. Every Tom, Dick and Harry looked to me for guidance on the extensive and rather enticing menu. After acting like some uber keen brand spokesperson and knowing far too much about Shake Shack after being in the UK for only a few days, I correctly matched everyone up with their perfect meal, acting rather shamelessly as some sort of Shake Shack Yoda.
Much to my surprise the snaking line went delightfully fast and I was absolutely buzzing when I got into the restaurant that I had been pining for, for almost a year.
Buzz-buzz-buzzing! Geddit?!
The Cheshire Cat-esque grin didn't leave Geneva or my faces all evening as we delved into our Shack burgers, cheese fries and concretes. 
Just look at that tray of beauty!
Say hello to this little number. Be warned, this is not for those with small appetites. The Shack Stack is comprised of everything that I adore about this American burger bar. A signature cheeseburger layer with a deep fried cheese filled Portobello mushroom, more formally known as a Shroom Burger, topped off with signature ShackSauce. Gaaawwwhhhhhh I want another one now!
Oh and the cheese fries, literally the best fries in the entire world. Like ever. I dare you to find better. Double dare ya.
This ear to ear grin is still on my face just thinking of the epic experience and I'm already planning my return visit. Two Shake Shack's in one week you ask? Yes. Well it's seriously that good! 

London's very own Shake Shack can be found a mere 2 minutes walk from Covent Garden Station in the heart of the iconic Piazza Market;

And just to warn ya. Be prepared to queue. It sure is worth it. 


  1. Oh man, I loooove shake shack. Those burgers are making me so hungry

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  2. mmmm Nom nom nom that burger!

  3. really great place
    happy day

  4. wounderful place & nice shake shack

  5. Looks indeed that they have yummy food :)

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  6. I heard about this! I need to go so badly!

    Great blog btw now following via bloglovin'



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