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Spontaneity in anyone's life is key. Life would just be plain old boring without it. The thrill of the unknown and opportunity for anything to happen is completely exhilarating. 

I'd been whining about not going away this summer because I'm heading back to New York in September but after catching wind of my friends travelling around Europe and were planning on staying in Nice, France for a week, I decided to spontaneously book a flight and go out and join them.

Having only been in Nice for a couple of hours, the lot of us hit the 'free champagne' party where were staying to celebrate the start of this amazing trip. Far too many flutes later we all wondered off into the city to get a taste of the local nightlife. Wayne's bar was our choice of watering hole, full of touristy bizarre objects from various cities all over the world and with a rather unique wallpaper comprised of number plates from everywhere from Manhattan to Timbuktu. Lest I forget the locals. Goodness gracious me. I don't know what it is about French guys, whether is the slightly broken English accent or the dishevelled swept back hair  but keep on eating those croissants and frogs legs guys as its seriously working for ya.

Got a big day ahead of us today. We're heading off to Nice Old Town so no doubt I'm going to get ridiculously snappy happy (follow me on Instagram @georgiabenj for updates) . And go on. Go and do something spontaneous today. Trust me, you'll love it.


  1. Fine pictures , lovely !

    XX Luba

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  2. are so lucky...


  3. so cool pics!

    Emma xx

  4. I am in love with your blog!

    XO Cookies & Couture


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