Graduation Class of 2013

Why is it that time flies when you're having fun? The last four years spent at University have whooshed by with the blink of an eye. The fact that I am a graduate now beguiles me, not only because it means I might have to actually grow up but that fact that I no longer have student discount?! Like seriously. My shopping bills are now going to become even more extortionate. But really, that's beside the point. These past four years have been the most incredible experience of my life. Meeting such wonderful friends and having the chance to work in two of the World's fashion capitals, I really couldn't have asked for more.

So finally the big day came round. Graduation. 

With work, travels and a million other things going on, I put off getting a graduation dress, well, till the day before, and after traipsing though shop after shop, deciding adamantly that I was no longer going to the ceremony, and buying far too many 'maybe' options, I finally popped into my go-to-store, Zara, to pick up this little beaut in the sale. 

Being one in a family of six its rare that I get to have my parents all to myself. But with my sisters off on holiday and my brother grafting away, I took the opportunity to have a bit of 'me time' to celebrate my graduation with just my parentals.

Heading up to Leeds University bright and early, we made it just in time to our reservation at Angelica on the tippy-top floor of Leeds' new addition the Trinity. Boasting a delicious cocktail list and a delightful menu full of light bites (I wanted it all), couldn't help but have a cheeky glass pre-ceremony. Well after all... how often will a day like this come around?!

Raspberry & lychee champagne cocktail, don't mind if I do.
My bootiful mama looked gorgeous in her Karen Millen digital floral print dress and Michael Kors sandals, whilst I was in head to toe Zara, including my jewel necklace and strappy stiletto's. 
Mama opted for the salmon tartare complete with yuzu, chives, chilli oil - whilst I went for the Tuna with sesame, spring onion, lime and nori. 
Daddy's cheeseburger was good but not great. Looks pretty damn good in the in the photos though no? 
And they even had mama's favourite, mushroom vol au vent. 
Of course I went for the prawns. Grilled jumbo king prawns. Garlicky seafoody chilliy perfection.

Next stop. Back up to university for the last time ever, to totter into the Great Hall with all my fellow fashion graduates. 
Certificates in hand, and smiles on faces. Photo time!
Perfectly coordinating dresses without a formal dress code. Great minds think alike.
With hat's not allowed to be worn in the ceremony, I of course had to have the cliche, graduate stereotype photo of my hat being thrown into the air in jubilation. For some reason, whether the combination of champagne and 30 degree heat had gone to my head or the 5 inch heels but I could not catch my mortarboard. Poor daddy had to take a million and one shots before I finally caught the hat and could actually upload a worthy video to Vine. But didn't he do a good job in the end?
A wonderful day and an unforgettable four years. I don't want to get all mushy *bleugh* but I just have to say a massive thank you to all my gorgeous friends and family for the most wonderful experience. In the infamous words of Gordo (from Lizzie McGuire)...


  1. congratulations georgia, I also reveled in georgia graduation ... I wish I could be beside you, it will dissolve in your happy smile, by the way why is not there a guy on your side? guy who consort, why not join in the photo with you and your father's mother?

  2. Such cute photos! Congratulations.
    Yay all the hard work has paid off :)

  3. Graduation is so odd! I graduated this summer too and it feels weird to be out of education after a whole lifetime of it....

    Annie |

  4. Congrats! You look stunning and how cute is your mum and dad!


  5. Congrats honey! You look fantastic <3


  6. Congratulation darling and good luck...


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