Paint The Town Red

Okay so I know I have been off the blogging radar for a while to say the least, but I think moving to Williamsburg, starting a new job, visiting London twice, are pretty good enough reasons. Anyhoo, enough of me making excuses. 

My free time is very limited but that means when I do get that small window I have to use it wisely. And by wisely I really mean shopping and eating with my nearest and dearest. For those of you who follow me on Instagram (@georgiabenj) you'll notice that I eat, all the time, and its more often then not documented on Instagram, but it's also the perfect platform to flaunt some of my new purchases. This little number from Opening Ceremony had been on my radar for a while and it has literally not left my back since day one. And of course I had to get my initials monogrammed on the jacket, adding my own little touch of Great Britain to this rather American staple. 

As I previously mentioned I now reside in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which is a somewhat "edgy/hipster" area. Sadly I do not have an edgy bone in my body as pointed out by my dear friend Lucy when I was back in university but hey ho at least I can dress the part. Donning my brown paper package from Brooklyn Denim Co. and heading off to my favourite coffee shop of the moment, Toby's Estate Coffee, its pretty safe to say that today I fit in wonderfully in my new neighbourhood, which was perfectly captured by my roommate and fantastic photographer Anna Ritsch. Be back soon, promise!


  1. I love Williamsburg and I am sure you fit in well without even noticing it! Love the photos, especially the last! Good luck with all your blessings!


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