Waterway Collection x Warby Parker

Dreaming of white beaches feeling sand between your toes, endless horizons watching the sun dip below the ocean, and sipping sangria laying out by the pool? Well the guys down at Warby Parker certainly were when designing their new Waterway Collection. Taking the brand's favourite style and adding a refreshing new summer time spin for this exclusive summer collection. 

Now summer time is one of my absolute favourite times of year, not only providing an extremely valid reason to visit every rooftop bar in the city, but also giving you every excuse to buy a new pair of sandals...every week gosh I know I have a problem. And when better to whip out your staple sunnies than in the height of summer?! Warby Parker's latest collection have taken timeless styles; Bensen, Griffin, Percey, Piper & Welty, for a quick dip and attributed shoreline shades like Sand Castle and Marine Pebble for a dash of summer time allure. 

Being both a glasses wearer and a sunglass fanatic, it is more than refreshing to see these iconic styles that all Warby Parker fans know and love and add and extra special incentive of purchase. Warby Parker's 'Do Good' programme's ethos is 'by a pair, give a pair' and works towards supporting those 703 million people who currently live without access to eyewear. So far Warby Parker have managed to provide over 1 million people across the World with the vital glasses that they so need, click here to watch the inspiring video.

The Waterway collection has hit stores this week and is available to shop in store and showrooms across America, and is now available to shop onlineclick here to shop.

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