There are two simple rules to style in New York. 

1. Always wear black
2. Layers layers layers

So on those rare occasions where I want to throw a bit of colour into the mix I end up looking like a total boy. Sneakers, oversized tees, check shirts. It's almost as if I'm reverting back to my childhood days of being a complete tomboy. Recently Pieboy reached out to me and sent me one of their iconic bobble hats. Now I'm partial to a bobble or two with the bobble hat being my absolute go to item whenever I hit the slopes, and with this guy being one of their limited edition original hats. Yeah you can't win me over more than that. Starting as an urban street wear brand in 2011, Pieboy have now grown to have a cult following at university towns across England creating a unique line of varsity bobble hats in a certain special groups of universities signature colours - of course Leeds is one of the select few. 

With the sun shining in New York and spring looking like it might be here to stay, I can't wait to wear this hat with a teenie pair of Daisy Dukes and black swing tank. How would you style your Pieboy?


  1. Layers are always a good thing. I really love the plaid. Super cute!

  2. Love it! Oh I want a that hat. I would wear it with everything!


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