Umami Burger

"Umaammmmmmiiiii thats a good burger"

That is all I kept on saying last night at Greenwich Village location of California's infamous Umami Burger. Founded by Adam Fleischman back in 2009, his homage to the all American classic has grown to become that iconic and delicious U-stamped burger seen emblazoned across many an Instagram feed. So this New York branch is like no other, a celebration of 'East MEATS West' the Greenwich Village menu features treats including the Five Spiced Duck Burger and the Truffle Especiale to just name a mouth-watering few. 

Now, saying that it was tough to choose what to have would be putting it lightly. I seriously wanted every single burger on the menu, salivating more and more reading the delicious ingredients that were put into each dish. 

I am a bit of a truffle fiend, so naturally I was drawn straight to the 'Truffle Especiale' and a portion of the cheesy truffle fries.

Sugary sweet potatoes fries. 

Now just take a look at these bad boys.

This little number is the 'Green Bird'. A big ol' turkey patty with crushed avocado, green cheese, butter lettuce, cress and green goddess. Finger licking good. 

And now for the piece de la resistance. I seriously dreamt about this burger last night. And going back again tonight to have another one would not be too soon. 

 Yeah that's what I'm talking about!

Succulent beef patty, crispy parmesan frico, truffle butter, truffled rocket and that gooey oohy runny to perfection fried egg.  Ahhhhhh. 

So its safe to say that my first experience at Umami Burger was a great one and I cannot wait for a return visit. 

Click here to find a location near you and be sure to check out their Facebook page for the latest news on new store openings.

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