Comme Des Filles

This is the resultant effect of far too much coffee and being on a stand at GFW for far too many hours. A sort of hyper crazed state ensues in which all I want to do is dance around with a huge Cheshire cat grin on my face - absolutely loving life. Ridiculously excited when this tee came through my door earlier this week. A girlish cheeky spin on the iconic CDG Play logo, hello winner! MISBHV are a cult street style brand with a 'don't care what anyone thinks' sort of attitude, and in the words of MISBHV "wherever you are, we want you to misbehave and act forever young" - a belief by which I certainly live by.


  1. Love this carefree and effortless outfit! I can just feel your energy exploding out of these photos! Super cute and stylish sneakers too :)

  2. these photos are brilliant! love the handstand one especially and your sunglasses really finish of the outfit!

    bec X

  3. thanks for the cute comment on my blog! (I've just written a new post) I'd love for you to follow back, I've followed both gfc and bloglovin. xx

  4. lovely pics...


  5. Omg I Love that gif! It looks awesome great look! I followed you via bloglovin!! Can't wait to see more. stop by my blog and tell me what you think!!

    xoxo, Fabi!!

  6. This is so awesome, especially that last picture! Love it!


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