Book Of Skulls

Photo's courtesy of Praline

Ever since a young age I have been a huge fan of skulls. Now not in the somber, obsessed with death sort of way but more of an appreciation of its progression to become one of today's most recognisable symbols of visual contemporary landscape. 

Whether its Mayan sculptures, shrunken heads, or sugar skulls, modern society have recreated them into pendants, artwork and jewellery adopted across the full spectrum of the industry from Alexander McQueen's iconic knuckle clutch to Wilfox's skeleton print sweater. Although nowadays it seems as though the skull as an iconic symbol has been around for ever, it wasn't until the 1970's that the skull becomes an icon for post-modern society. Unlike other more conventional symbols, the skull is used to set you apart from the crowd and break boundaries in main stream fashion. 

Spending the last few days at GFW and nosing around all the stands, I stumbled upon the 'Book of Skulls' by Faye Dowling at one of the book retailers. Packed full of illustrations, drawings and photographs I can't wait to use it as a source of inspiration for my next graphic tee designs.

Bound in a skeleton like binding the book draws together today's most iconic cultural symbol in the form of fashion, street art, graphic design and music, from Damien Hirst's diamond skull to skeletal emblazon dinner wear, the book is the ultimate collection of skulls from the unusual and alluring to the iconic and the down right bizarre.

Head over to Amazon to get a copy for yourselves. 


  1. Ohh i love that too! I just think its so beautiful something so morbid can be made.

  2. super book...


  3. Skulls are beautiful! What a wonderful book!

  4. supernice. I've got a skull in my room! from Urban Outfitters ;)

    xo Charlotte - Aliceroxy


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