How To: Get A Job Via Social Media

Earlier this month I spent the best part of a week running around London, heading to a number of different talks, seminars and work shops in honour of London's Social Media WeekWhere better to share with you all, my new found wisdom and knowledge then on a little social media platform of my own. 

Tonnes of talks from We Are Social, Forward 3D amongst many creative ad genii, but the one that really stood out for me was; 'Getting A Job Via Social' held at @forward3D featuring world leaders in social recruiting; @billboorman2, @cloudninerec &  @mervyndinnen.

I do not want to claim any of these tips as mine as that would be down right mean, but for all my fellow recent graduates and those also looking for a job in this big old impossible-to-get-into market. 

Here are some seriously great tips to get you noticed.

Got your paper and pencil? Time to take notes.

1. Keep your LinkedIn profile always up to date.

So I'm sure many of you are like, "yeah but no-one really looks at linked in…bla bla bla" - trust me, this is the first thing they look at and the first profile that comes up on Google when they do a search on your name. Yes, its great to look all swanky and professional with listings of all your internships and experience, but you must also make it clear that you are actually looking for a job. No point having a million endorsements and recommendations, if on your whole profile it doesn't list that you are actually searching for a job. Plus be sure to put key works in all sections of your profile in order to get a higher ranking on Google searches. 

2. Findability.

On every social place and platform ensure that your contact information is really obvious. Email, phone number, Skype name whatever you want people to contact you on make it super clear and really easy to find. Clean clear links on every profile. 

3. Engagement is key!

Whether it be on Twitter, LinkedIn groups or even on community pages; comments, shares, adding opinions etc…. are all key ways to get you noticed. The more that you contribute through social media, the more you are likely to be found. This way when you want to ask companies for advice, help on CV, meet up for coffee etc…, you'll already be on their radar and they will be more willing to give you the time of day.

4. Stalking & job seeking. It's the same thing.

Within the realms of social media stalking is fully endorsed. 

It is safe to say we all have that one person who we're totally obsessed with on social media, and pretty much know all there is to know about them; from what they had for breakfast this morning to where they went on holiday with their boo last summer. Up to the point where you start convincing yourself that you're actually friends, well, then you might have gone a tad too far. But social media stalking in attempt to find a job is a great way to find more about a company and your potential future employers. If you're looking to apply for a specific role or have already done so, then find out who will be your direct superior - Twitter is so easy to find people just through a Google search. Find them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter and interact with them. Finding people who can influence you getting the job is crucial, and when you do find them, join the in conversation but remember to keep it casual, and don't be scared to contact big dogs on twitter asking for advice on your CV - remember they were all in this position back in the day.

5. Proversonal Profile. 

Finding a balance between keeping your social media platforms personal and private is sometimes very difficult. You don't want to always have to hold your tongue if you fancy a rant, and at the same time you don't want to come across like a stuffed old prune so the best bet is to keep your profiles proversonal - a happy medium between professional and personal, so an employer can find a little about you without finding out too much take those wine bottle guzzling pics down now.

6. Post a YouTube video of yourself.

It is so hard to stand out nowadays. There will always be the person with a bit more experience on their CV and with that connection to help them swoop past you in the application process, but one sure fire way to stand out is to post a viral video of yourself about why you should be hired. An employer can get a much better idea about you from a video then anyone can on a double sided piece of paper. Find a neat place in your home, put on your glad rags and tell all why they should hire you

Take note from @DawnSiff's #VineResume.

7. Facebook Lockdown.

It is safe to say everyone loves a cheeky tipple from time to time, but on many of our Facebook profiles it may appear that most weekends are spend living it up with a full on bottle service often ending in an absolute drunken state holding, your friends hair up… yeah I don't need to go on. We all do it and there is no denying that. But you're future employer does not want to see it. Lock down your Facebook. Hide your photos, and even if you don't choose to make it private that you're a bit of a party animal, be sure to keep it classy and at least appear like someone who would be a great asset to the team.

8. Look The Part.

Looking the part on social media is all about secret self promotion. Making yourself look good by posting relevant tweets, pictures and articles showing you're on top of everything  in your speciality area. Basically come across as though you're the bee's knees without even trying - "all this work malarkey just comes naturally" *wink* *wink*.

9. #Chats

Be sure to keep an eye out for what's trending. Lots of recruiters and industry professionals take part in hashtag chats on twitter, and its a great time to look out for top people in the field and find out helpful tips to get into the industry of your dreams.

So there you go. Some top tips to help you get the job you've always desired with a little help from everyone's go-to form of media - social. Happy job hunting people. 

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