Visiting friends at various universities around the country gives the perfect opportunity to discover new places to eat. Well lets face it, any excuse and I'll be in a new restaurant digging into the special of the day and trust me, if I could eat out every meal time I would. 

The morning after the night before arose and we were desperately in need for some comfort food. Being 22 now we're obviously far too grown up for the likes of McDonalds and Domino's pfff who am I kidding?, so instead of lying in self pity under a duvet watching the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy (which naturally we did after brunch), we decided to brave the new day and head out for an absolutely gorgeous brunch at Bath's Bills

Think Carluccio meets Cath Kidston and ends up in Lewes. Kitsch decor and home made produce, we all couldn't wait to sink our teeth into a hearty breakfast to cure a matter of sins.

Just look at that menu. 
It was way too hard to not order it all.

Bill's is the perfect place for brunch, lunch, date night you name it and its got it covered. I wanted to stay all day. And don't worry guys, you don't have to head down to Bath to get a cheeky bite, just check out their website (click here) and see if any of the 19 locations are closer to you. Can't wait to go with my girlies to the Soho branch. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

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  1. Looks deelish to eat!!! Would love try! Brunches are the best... everyone is happy!

  2. Dressed with soulMarch 24, 2013 4:28 pm

    This looks yumma - but I live in Germany and unfortunately I haven´t planned a trip to London in the next time ...

    xxx Rena

  3. Kathleen HarperMarch 24, 2013 8:37 pm

    Yum! this food looks delicious - you're making me hungry ;)

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm loving your blog, I'm getting a lot of inspiration from it. This post is making me sooooo hungry, and right now my fridge just isn't cutting it haha.
    I would love for us to follow each other, I will be following via GFC.
    Thanks again.


  5. the food here looks so good! jealous of your trip :) xx

  6. I posted about the Islington version of Bill's a little while back. I would really have liked to have ordered the entire menu too but wanted to be able to walk out which I doubt would have been possible had I done so! It really does have it all. Great post!

    E x


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