Memorial Day Weekend

In the US, Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start to the summer, and where better to celebrate the sunshine than out East..?

Time flies when you're having fun. I can't believe it was already last weekend I was living the highlife in the Hamptons. Thankfully this 4-day work week has made it a somewhat more bearable transition.

Packing up my trusty Longchamp (seriously I do not know what I would do without this wonderful weekender come Mary Poppins bag) and catching a train at the crack of dawn, it wasn't too long before I got to Greenpoint where I hopped on a cute little ferry to my first stop, Shelter Island. 

Shelter Island, not to be confused with the water-bound mental hospital featured in Scorsese's film Shutter Island: this little island is rather quaint to say the least. Think Hurlingham Club meets Lake Como. 

The sheltered bay provided the perfect setting for a sail. 

Having my little titanic moment at the bow of the boat in the cutest little Sperry boat shoes.

Now I would like to say that this snap is mine, sadly I was a little busy taking selfies when G was taking this dramatic shot of the main sail. Phoooaaarrrr!

Despite the minimal winds and the fact we had to motor back into the harbour, we had an absolute sail of a time (geddit) on board the gorgeous yacht. Telling tales of worldly travels and hearing all about the old English history of the surrounding Isles. 

Stopping only briefly in the yacht club we hopped in the car, roof down and headed to the South Fork.

What a drive. Through the beautiful countryside which reminded oh so much of holidaying in Cornwall. Vineyards, stables, farmers markets with the loveliest little American houses all made of white wooden panels with cute window shutters and huge patriotic American flags. It was dream-like. Something out of a movie. 

Bring wine to a house that has two wine cellars might be a little wasted. So being the token Brit and a self confessed summer time addict, of course I had to bring a big old bottle of Pimms. For some bizarre reason, Sprite or even regular sparkling lemonade is pretty hard to come by out east, but to no avail. The oh so fancy Lorina Pink Lemonade definitely added that perfect Hamptons touch to my normal blend - oh and the bottle of Prosecco we threw in too also helped.

I was revelling in all things Gatsby at sunset. 

Just look at that view.

A night of the most delicious food and scrumptious s'mores. We gleefully parted the night away till the early hours. 

No traffic, honking horns, police sirens, I slept like an absolute baby in my beachy bedroom.


The absolute eeriest fog over Flying Point Beach due to the cold winds coming off the Altantic meeting with the warm weather on shore. Reminiscent somewhat of a John Grisham thriller.

Back in Sag Harbour.
With the sun setting and the bay at low tide.
Well, what more idyllic setting for a run?

Green on green on green.

Catching a few rays before heading back to the Island.

What a fabulous weekend. Getting back to the city in the 30°c muggy heat was not pleasant to say the least. So lucky to have spent my first MDW making new friends and having an absolute blast in the Hamptons, and a big thank you to G for inviting me. 

The whole New Englandy vibe that the Hamptons boasts, made me miss London just a little or maybe quite a lot. Just guess I'm going to visit home soon. 

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  1. Looks like it was SO much fun!! I could use a weekend like that. le sigh...

    ♡ Regina ♡

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