Seafood Paella

With the snow outside, heating on full blast and copious layers of cashmere to keep nice and toasty, there is nothing better and more warming than a delicious home cooked meal. 
I am an absolutely sucker for seafood and with a fresh delivery from The Paella Company, what better to make than Seafood Paella. 
Packed full of flavours and in such glorious colours, doesn't it just make you want to move to Spain. The Paella Company, are thankfully here for mean time (before we all decide to move to Seville and become ex-pats). We received a delivery from them earlier in the day containing all sort of Spanish produce and everything you need for a glorious paella.

In my house we cook for the thousands, so just ignore the portion sizes in the photo's.

Here's what you need to feed about 4 hungry tummies;

1 red onions, chopped

2 garlic cloves, crushed
4 boneless chicken thighs, diced
1 chorizo sausage, sliced
400g bomba paella rice
pinch of saffron
chicken stock
50g pimentos (you can get a jar of these)

Fresh seafood (of your choice):

large madagascan prawns, not peeled
prawns, peeled

Start by frying the boneless chicken thighs in the sliced chorizo (no need to add oil as the chorizo produces plenty to share). When the chicken is browned place it in an over proof dish and cook in the over for about 30 minutes at 150°C (so whilst the rest of the paella is cooking) to cook through. 

Chuck the chopped onions into the pan with the chorizo and when the onions turn translucent add the rice and all the seasoning (pepper, paprika, valenciana seasoning etc). Make sure all the rice is completely coated in all the juices, onions and chorizo, but stirring it all up. 

Finally, over the next 20 minutes, add the stock bit by bit stirring thoroughly, ensuring that it is all mixed together evenly. When making the stock be sure to add the saffron to the boiling water so that it will infuse evenly throughout the paella. 

About 5 minutes before the dish is finished add the seafood (if you are using frozen seafood then make sure its completed defrosted before adding it to the mix). Lastly, just before serving, add the chicken from the oven and stir it all together, and you're all ready to plate up.

Now our paella pan is the size of the entire hob but if you don't have your own paella pan, a wok should do the same trick (or check out The Paella Company to get your very own pan).

Finger licking good! 
Serve up with a crisp Spanish white wine or a Corona & lime for the perfect Spanish night in. 


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  2. yum!

  3. this is great food! so yummy <3

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    I'm so in love with your style!

  5. this looks delicious!!!

  6. YUM - I can almost smell this from my computer screen.

  7. I am gonna learn how to cook this!
    Thank you for the recipe<3
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